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These items are great for reducing glare and creating privacy. All of these shades are designed with a self-supporting technology so you can move it to the position you desire and it will remain there until you collapse them. Some of these products are also great for astronomers.

Check us out on Facebook and like the page. It can help spread the word of these shades. They are still one of a kind and according to the users better than anything else out there.

I now have 1 Leaf-Aptus shade in stock. This is in addition to the last supply of digital camera, video camera, phase one, and red camera shades that are discontinued that I have in stock.

The Digi Hood (Digital Screen Shade) and Video Screen Shade has been discontinued. Remaining stock will sold until it is gone. Also all of these products are on SALE! Please check the pages for sale prices.

I have been informed that I am the only supplier of these shades (outside of my dealers). I am preparing to place a small order for a customer, if you are interested in any shades please order them soon to get in on this shippment.

I have a question: would you be interested in a shade for an Ipad? My guess would be that they would cost around $100. If so, please email me and let me know. I am looking into new items that may be of interest to others.





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