K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc.



Turning tripod mounting bolt more than 1/4 inch into base plate will damage camera

Folding instructions:
1. Release the hook found under the handle.
2. Rotate the rear standard up.
3. Rack the rear standard out 4 or 5 inches. (The lock levers directly above the focus knobs on the front of the camera will unlock the rear focus.)
4. The front standard may now be brought to an upright position and locked in place.

1. Rack the back of the camera out 4 or more inches.
2. Make sure the front focus rails are flush with the front of the camera.
3. Unlock all knobs and levers on the front standard.
4. Fold the front standard down onto the bed of the camera.
5. Rack the rear of the camera all the way in.
6. Unlock the lateral shift and swing of the rear standard.
7. Unlock the outside “flip levers” directly under the rear standard.
8. Tip the rear standard down toward the bed. As the rear is tipped down it may be necessary to hold the back part of the bellows in the rear standard so that is does not catch on the mechanism that makes up the rear swing.
9. Lock camera closed, and lock “flip levers.”

The ”flip levers” above the front focus knobs lock the rear focus.
The ”flip levers” above the rear focus knobs permit you to move the rear standard forward for shorter focal length lenses.
The ”flip levers” on the inside of the bed at the rear lock the front focus.
The loops on the bellows are designed to hook over the axis tilt knobs on the front standard.
The following sizes of hex keys,(Allen Wrenches), 0.050, 1/16, 3/32. 1/8 are used on the bolts of the camera.