Folding Instructions for the MQC57

When opening and folding the camera it is best to have either the front or rear racked out a
small amount. This will prevent the front standard rise and fall rails from dragging on the
bellows. The two sliding bars on each side of the lens board frame are used to lock the
front vertical shift in the vertical direction. Slide these into the slots on each side of the rise
and fall rails on the front when you open the camera. When you fold the camera move the
front standard as far up as possible and then disengage the two sliding bars. Unlock the
base tilt knob on the front standard. Rotate the front standard down into the bed. Unlock
the rear base tilt. Before folding the rear standard down make sure that the ends of the
focus rails are aligned. Rotate the rear standard down. Tighten the rear base tilt knobs.
The inner material of the bellows is unique to these bellows. It permits the bellows to be
very flexible for short lenses and still retain its shape. Please note that over tightening the
focus length adjustment levers can cause the focus rails to have uneven tension when
moving in their focus tracks. These levers only need to be tightened enough for the
standards to not move on the focus rail. The little levers next to the focus knobs are the
locks for the focus. They also make it possible to adjust the tension on the focus.

These levers are locked when they are flush with the bottom of the camera. Tightening
them past this point could cause damage and void any warranty. You will find reference
marks for lateral shift center, and to center the lens for the rise and fall. The following
sizes of hex keys,(Allen Wrenches), 0.050, 1/16, 3/32. 1/8 are used on the bolts of the