The Video Screen Shade - SALE and discontinued

This item is designed to shade the screen on your video camcorder. This items works wonders when out on vacation, or if you are just using it to video your family at the park. The Video Screen Shade will shade light from the screen that prevents the user from seeing the screen clearly. This is of great advantage when you really need to see what it is you are trying to video tape. The Video Screen Shade fits around your LCD screen using a Velcro strap that wraps around the back of the screen. This is a different design than the Digi Hoods, the Video Screen Shade is completely removable to allow one to close the LCD screen on the camcorder when you are done using it.

These items are made out of the same self-supporting material so that you can pull it out as far as you wish and it will stay in that position till you are done. Then you can collapse it down, take it off the camera, and store it away nicely.

This item comes in the following sizes:

Diagonal Size in Inches
Cost in USD
2.5" (2 left)
3.0" (5 left)

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